Piper’s Pool Toy Review 

Bonjour, this is Piper! And welcome to Piper’s Pool Toy Review… finally ; ) The show you’ve been waiting for all summer long! Where you see me demonstrate some of the most cool pool toys for grownups because you are never too old to have fun!

Be attentive to each episode’s fun facts. And observe as I do the complete unboxing and assembly of the pool toys. So you don’t need to read the user manual. Lastly, get ready for the extreme pool test!

Bikinis are mandatory?
On YouTube… boooo! But don’t worry, for each episode of Piper’s Pool Toy Review, there will be a titillating slow-motion video and a photoshoot of me in a micro bikini or no bikini. These are not necessarily related to the episodes, just a little something for the eyes and the… well, you do whatever you want with the rest of your body parts ; ) 

Where can you get your eyes on this Piper content? That’s Piper’s Pool Toy Review, Piper’s Pics, and Piper’s Slow Motion Videos? They will be released on! You choose where you’d like to watch your Piper ; )

Get Ready – First Premiere Episode!
Piper’s Pool Thermometer Review: In this episode, Piper instals her Pool Thermometer to keep track of her Pool’s temperature. It has to be hot for Piper to be able to make all of her toy tests in the Pool. CLicK here to R.S.V.P now!

In Your Calendar!
Piper’s Pool Toy Review starts September 9th, 2022! Until then, you’ll get weekly teaser and pool videos on YouTube, and everywhere else you watch your Piper ; ) 

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