Discover Piper’s New Pet!

I, Piper Blush, made a new type of friend today. It’s not your regular kind of friendship. And by this, I mean it’s sweet but does not taste like vanilla. For those of you who are intrigued by the secrecy of the BDSM lifestyle, this article is for you!

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Piper Blush and her Pet on a collar and leash.

Let’s go in-depth! As I want to educate you, my readers, on the different types of relationships one can have and maintain in the lifestyle. Starting with the collar and leash. For some, it is more about being submissive and for others a pet. Yes, similar to a cat or dog. But as humans, we are more complicated and selective about whom we choose to associate with or whom we choose to let hold our leashes.

She would like to share more about this kink and how it makes her feel to be on the other end of that leash. So, you will be seeing her evolution.

I hope this will serve as a crash course or at least open your mind to the possibilities of being open with yourself.

Piper’s BDSM Bed

Did you see it? If you have some doubts that means you didn’t. Because you would remember! 

It’s King Sized bed, but that’s the only “normal” thing about it. Nothing else is regular about it.

Steel Bed with Cage

Here is the website’s description, this made-to-order, customizable Steel Bed takes confining your submissive to the next level. One of Metalbound’s most popular bondage beds, the customizable Steel Bondage Bed, becomes a shade darker by the addition of an Under-Bed Cage to securely lock your sub away until needed for play. A removable stockade will hold your nervous creature in position when the Master is at last ready for some fun.

Now of course I added all of the options, such as the: 

  • Removable stockade
  • Removable upholstered cross
  • Sling extenders

Thought the nine attachment points on the curved overhead bars already came with the design for no additional fees. 

Since every bed can be finished in the colour of your choice I chose gold, but that was an extra because it’s not really a colour.

How Big is It? 

Please be advised that as much as this bed breaks down for affordable shipping. It’s still huge and heavy. Nothing that two adults into BDSM can not handle but if you live somewhere with an elevator shaft, it will probably not fit as is. Or if the sellings are low, the corridor is tight, you only have one small door entry. Just make sure to ask for all of the measurements before receiving your bed! 

What is it used for…

Well that’s a story for another time, but don’t go anywhere I’ve got a teaser for you, and it’s in the video format. Click here to Get The Kiss💋, and see Piper & Sashire try the bed!

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