Flaming Sambuca in Piper’s Bar!

Where is Sambuca? 

Sambuca is in Italy, “La Dolce Vita”! It’s an Italian liqueur produced with anise. It’s hard to tell apart from other liqueurs because it’s transparent, even with the addition of ice or cold water. It stays as transparent as water. But if your nose is close to the glass, you will smell the aromas of licorice. 


If you can get your hands on the Molinari Sambuca, you are in for a treat and some history! The Molinari Sambuca is the only Sambuca recognized by the Italian government. So how can you make sure of it? First, you will see the word “Extra” on the bottle. It’s because Molinari only uses high qualities ingredients to produce their Sambuca. 

How To Drink Sambuca?

Sambuca is mostly enjoyed as a digestif, which means after a meal. You can remember the digestif is for after the meal because it sounds like digestion. Two ways you can enjoy this sweet liqueur! 

Cold: Keep it in the freezer or sake it with ice cubes, and then pour it into a chilled martini glass. This very Italian ghiaccio e mosche means “ice and flies.” Don’t worry. No flies are involved. It’s poetic! 

The “flies” are some coffee beans you put into the cocktail. 


Suppose you put an even number of coffee beans! So make sure it’s either one, three, or five if you like them a lot, seven or nine. Plus, the coffee beans have a meaning. One means health, the other prosperity and happiness. So three is your best bet for the Coffee and Sambuca Cocktail!

Flamed: Super Easy, watch the video! 

Ingredients: 1 oz Sambuca, 3 Coffee Beans, or 24K Gold Flakes 

Preparation: Add Sambuca into a ballon glass. Light the Sambuca on fire. Let it burn for about 7 seconds. Cover the glass with a plate to kill the fire. Then push a straw between the plate and glass to inhale the air in the glass. Drink the shot.

EXTRA: Ouzo VS Sambuca!

Ouzo is Greek, and it’s typically served cold before the meal. Or what we call appéritif. Whereas Sambuca, as you learned from the above paragraph, is Italian and more often served after the meal. 

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